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How not to handle a bug report

I recently submitted a bug report to Qt software, the results were less than impressive. One thing I'd like to make clear though is that Qt is an amazing library that I would recommend to any c++ software developer, I truly mean that. It is well designed, well documented and generally works as advertised. On top of all of this, it is portable! It really just gets better and better. Which is why I found the handling of my bug report so... underwhelming.


Flash accidentally subverts the privacy mode of newer browsers?

Pretty much all of the popular browsers now support a "private browsing" mode. The whole concept of this mode is to prevent any history of your browsing activities from being recorded. The problem is that there is nothing forcing browser extensions to respect this mode of operation.


It Lives!

It's official, I've gotten the core component of EDB to compile on Vista!


How not to maintain an API

So I've been working on my graphing code for EDB. I was eventually able create a Qt widget which nativelyrenders a graphviz graph layout. It actually works quite nicely, you can create an ordinary graphviz graph either in memory or from a file like usual.The code can simply create a "GraphWidget" and the code will display the graph perfectly (there are some constructs which it doesn't support, but the basics are there) with nice things such as zooming and rotating.

All of this works great, except for the fact that graphviz decided to change some of the structures used to represent the layed out graph.


Fun with graphs

So I figured that I would post some of the progress with EDB. I've been very happy with the function analysis engine that I developed, but there is one thing that it completely ignores, basic block analysis. Of course in order to identify functions it does technically break things down into blocks, but this information is discarded when a whole function is identified.