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How Microsoft Could Have Handled Compatibility In Vista

So I've been using Windows Vista for a while on my desktop and have been generally happy. The system is stable, most features work as expected, and let's be honest, it looks really nice. One thing that has constantly frustrated me is the shear size of each release of Windows. Every release is noticeably larger than the previous. I certainly understand that each release adds more features, and more features means bigger. But I think it's about time that Microsoft started to trim the fat.


Windows Vista doesn’t suck

First let me say that I wouldn't classify myself as a Microsoft advocate. I have a Linux box I use for my daily work and a Windows machine for both work and play. I am however, an early adopter. So pretty much as soon as I could get my hands on it, I installed Windows Vista.


Windows on x86 and 4GB of RAM

A few months ago I decided to get a shiny new gaming system from Dell. I eventually decided to go with the XPS 720 with pretty much all the bells and whistles I thought were reasonable. One of which was going with 4GB of RAM. After all, just about everyone agrees that more RAM leads to better performance. This machine also came with Windows Vista Home Premium, I'm the early adopter type so I saw no issue in this.