Monthly Archives: December 2011

(Not so much) Fun with QSharedPointer

Qt has a wonderful way of dealing with memory management. The core idea is simple. Most objects have a parent, and when the parent gets destroyed, it will first destroy all its children. Using this technique, you can often write your Qt applications with little to no concern for memory management. Often, you literally don't have to have a single delete in your entire application. That's pretty sweet!

In addition, since Qt 4.5 QSharedPointer was introduced, which is very similar in concept to boost::shared_ptr (and thus std::tr1::shared_ptr). I have long been a huge fan of the idea of smart pointers. They solve the need to worry about memory management for almost all usual cases. Unfortunately, when you combine these two concepts, sometimes you can go awry. I was surprised by this one, so I figured I'd shared my findings :-).