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The Default Browser on Linux Debacle

The concept of a default browser on linux is a complete mess. There doesn’t seem to be any central, agreed upon method of defining what the default browser is. First there is the $BROWSER environment variable. This seems like a good idea, it can be set globally, and on a per user basis. On the command line, all you need to do is type $BROWSER http://... and you on your way to the website of your choice. If only it were that easy…
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Time to update older UI toolkits?

My favorite editor of choice for the past 10 years has been nedit, it is a wonderfully simple yet complete GUI based text editor with a focus on development. It has all of the basics that I need; syntax highlighting, relatively smart indenting, brace matching, the ability to highlight an include and open the file it refers to. All of the basics are there, so as an editor it suites my needs and development habits. There is only one thing, it’s ugly. And this is no fault of the developers, it’s the fault of how Motif looks.

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Linux’s ptrace API sucks!

I love Linux, as a developer, I find the tools available suit my style of work perfectly. Sometimes the tool that I want isn’t available. That’s OK though, because whenever I can, I try to contribute.

I do a lot of reverse engineering work and thus the lack of anything like Ollydbg spawned off my EDB project. It’s a debugger designed to focus on applications at a machine code level. This project is coming along nicely but there is one thing that I really wish I could change…ptrace sucks, and it sucks a lot.

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