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Fun with graphs

So I figured that I would post some of the progress with EDB. I’ve been very happy with the function analysis engine that I developed, but there is one thing that it completely ignores, basic block analysis. Of course in order to identify functions it does technically break things down into blocks, but this information is discarded when a whole function is identified.

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It Lives!

It’s official, I’ve gotten the core component of EDB to compile on Vista!

It took a lot of effort and to be honest, some working around various compiler bugs. But step #1 has been completeled. Next I’ll have to port the “DebuggerCore” plugin, and it should be smooth sailing from there. I plan to have Win32 support before calling it 1.0, we’ll see. I hope to have more updates soon :).

Linux’s ptrace API sucks!

I love Linux, as a developer, I find the tools available suit my style of work perfectly. Sometimes the tool that I want isn’t available. That’s OK though, because whenever I can, I try to contribute.

I do a lot of reverse engineering work and thus the lack of anything like Ollydbg spawned off my EDB project. It’s a debugger designed to focus on applications at a machine code level. This project is coming along nicely but there is one thing that I really wish I could change…ptrace sucks, and it sucks a lot.

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